Yoga en route – 3 easy stretches without putting your bike down

Like any repetitive activity, it’s important to unwind whatever you wind up. Cycling is particularly rough on the upper back and quads. Frequent stretches tucked into the day will go a long way to preventing more serious strain later.

1. back stretch


Use the bike to stretch your body long. Relax your upper body into the stretch. Relax your shoulder blades. Let go of every muscle not needed to stay up.

2. upper chest and shoulder stretch



Stand up straight – feel yourself into a strong line, hanging in gravity like there’s a string from the crown of your head. Do not stand military-tight. Just stand there like you believe in yourself and you’re cheerful to see the world ahead of you. Grasp the seat behind you and let your upper chest streeeeetch open. Let your shoulders relax into the stretch.

3. quad stretch


This one is richer than it looks. When you stand, feel yourself into a straight line, and notice where your hip bones are. Make them parallel with each other (neither higher than the other). Notice your butt. Unclench it. Notice your whole self. Unclench it. Life a leg and let the quad stretch out – now readjust your hips back to level with the horizon. Don’t let one rise up. If you have swiveled an arch into your back by tilting your hips forward, swivel them back (tuck your tail under). See how much more stretch you get in your quad and iliopsoas

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