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The senses tour – part two – Kelowna to Naramata

The senses tour – part two – Kelowna to Naramata

First, Myra Canyon

The trestle bridges are pretty as a picture, the views are stunning and the trail is just fine for touring bikes. There were occasional challenges with sand and minor fish-tailing. No biggie. The grade was almost entirely a gentle downhill – all the way to Naramata, as a matter of fact.

The dark tunnels feel a little adventurous. For a moment, I thought I was entering the Lonely Mountain from The Hobbit. No gold, wah. But then, no Smaug, either

Quite a number of people were out on bikes and legs. With a wide pannier load, it was necessary to dismount on all the bridges.

There was brief but exciting moment when I passed a boulder spray painted with “Michaela [backwards ampersand] Adam was imagehere”.¬†Exciting because even common, ubiquitous nasty grammar will inspire some creative cussing on my part. But nasty grammar spray painted across nature’s pretty self? WTF, Michaela and Adam?? I wish I had caught them in the act so I could scrawl “Cathrine were here” across their dumbass backs.


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