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Product roulette: label it or regret it

Product roulette: label it or regret it

One of these lumps is my shampoo bar and one of these lumps is my deodorant. They both live in little baggies and were easy to tell apart at first. As a lightweight, self-supporting traveler, it’s good to turf the dead weight (and space) of packaging¬†IMG_0826wherever possible.

I use solid shampoo to save the water-weight of the usual products, and take the deodorant out of the plastic container. Smart, no?

Let me describe the mechanics of commercial underarm deodorant: it makes your pits hydrophobic and water doesn’t stay on them.

Let me describe the mechanics of shampoo: it makes your hair hydrophilic and pulls water as close to your scalp and hair as possible.

Let me describe what happens when you rub deodorant on your hair: you have to spend the next 20 minutes and a half-gallon of shampoo getting it off.

Sadly, this wasn’t the first time I did something like this to myself. The other time worked out better, though. I had put chain lube in a small travel squeeze bottle so that I didn’t have to take the entire container on a short trip. It was a cherry red colour, same as a leave-in hair oil I use.

Let’s just say that my hair had a lovely sheen and was quiet at high speeds.